Local Supermarket trends

In June of this year I wrote a short article regarding many supermarkets chains shifting to smaller store footprints.  Our market to this point had not seen any of these smaller stores.  Yesterday, Martin’s Supermarket announced it will open a Martin’s Express on College Ave in Goshen.  This smaller format store is the first of its kind for Martin’s.  At 26,000sf the store is 40% less than it’s typical store, according to  Martin’s Marketing Director Amy Simeri-McClellan.

Goshen is good market to open the company’s first express store.  The relatively small population makes it attractive to make a smaller investment in overhead.  Smaller specialty stores appeal to the millennial generation and Goshen has a younger median age for example than that of Mishawaka.  The store location will be proximal to Goshen College, serving and ideal target market.

This new Martin’s store falls right in line with new supermarket trends and we may potentially see more in the future.  Where these stores may be will depend not only on market demographics but availability of right sized buildings and distance from existing stores.

Source: http://www.martins-supermarkets.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Martins-to-open-new-Express-store-concept-in-Goshen.pdf


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