Emergency Alert System Sound!!

What is with that annoying sound that resembles an old dial up modem connection that occurs at the beginning and end of the emergency alert system?  This is a topic that has nothing to do with commercial real estate or new business developments, but I just heard that attention getting sound as it interrupted the radio program and I couldn’t help but wonder why this particular sound is still used?  Isn’t there a modern way to get listeners attention?

Well interestingly, the sound and tones used are called a SAME header, Specific Area Message Encoding.  That specific digital sound contains information and automatically triggers EAS equipment located in each radio station.  Stations do not need to be manned at the time of the alert and the system automatically interrupts whatever is being broadcast at the time. There is data within the tones including who send the message, the type of emergency and what areas are affected.  There is also a different set of tones that occur at the end of the EAS message that signals the end and turns off the equipment.

Interesting bit of info that one rarely thinks about.


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